23 October 2019

FSBI TsNIGRI experts attend the V International conference ITES&MP-2019

The V international conference "Information technologies for Earth sciences and applications for geology, mining and economics ITES&MP-2019" was held on October 14-18 at V.I. Vernadsky state geological museum.

Experts of FSBI TsNIGRI department of geoinformation systems took part in the conference and made presentations at two sections: "Data analysis and mathematical modeling of natural processes in Earth Sciences: new approaches. The evolution of the classic GIS applications. Data mining, learning facts and knowledge from scientific publications" and "Application of remote sensing methods and technologies in Earth Sciences and mining: from satellites to drones».

The conference covered the whole range of issues related to mineral deposit prospecting and exploration, environmental management, data collection, processing and analysis, management, as well as knowledge promotion.

ITES&MP is designed by its organizers to help identify the current problems of data generalization and analysis in the Earth sciences. ITES&MP-2019 carried on the tradition of the ITES conferences "Modern information technologies in Earth sciences" organized by the Far Eastern Geological Institute, which were held in the Far East of the Russian Federation (Magadan, 2008; Vladivostok, 2010; Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, 2014; Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, 2016), as well as the BRGM international Mineral Prospectivity Conference (Orléans, France, 2017). The transformation of the previous format of meetings was carried out in such a way as to preserve the link between ITES and Mineral prospectivity conference, as well as to strengthen the community of participants of ITES and Mineral prospectivity conference, formed over many years of successful work.

Detailed information about the conference can be found online at http://ites2019.sgm.ru

A.M. Vakhrushev, Head of FSBI TsNIGRI GIS Department, PhD, making a presentation "Features of using heterogeneous data and software for the Russian mineral base monitoring and analysis" at ITES&MP-2019 conference
Presentation by A.V. Antonets, Deputy Head of FSBI TsNIGRI GIS Department, "Use of GIS for assessing transport accessibility of subsurface blocks in the Altai-Sayan fold area" at ITES&MP-2019 conference
V.S. Muravyev, top engineer of FSBI TsNIGRI GIS Department, making a presentation "Use of the Earth remote sensing data to identify elements controlling gold mineralization in the Republic of Sakha and the Magadan region" at ITES&MP-2019 conference