05 February 2020

Всероссийский форум-выставка «НЕДРА-2020. Изучение, разведка, добыча»

From March 31 to April 2, 2020, Expocenter Exhibition Complex will host the Russian forum and exhibition “SUBSURFACE-2020. Study, exploration, and production.".

The forum is designed to provide a comprehensive and reliable assessment of subsurface mining in the Russian Federation through an open discussion of geological industry leaders, develop the main directions of effective and rational subsurface management in the national interests, develop public/private partnership in mineral prospecting, exploration and development, increase public services efficiency in subsurface mining and strengthen the research role in mineral development.

The business program includes various special events (a plenary session, panel discussion, “roundtable”, project presentation, etc.), which create a unique business atmosphere and provide an opportunity to actively participate in professional discussion of relevant issues.

    The forum highlights are:
  • Geologists contribution to the victory in the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945);
  • Regional geological study of subsurface resources as a basis for Russian mineral base reproduction;
  • Main development trends in nonfuel mineral prospecting and exploration;
  • Exploration and production of not easily accessible and unconventional hydrocarbons;
  • Modern mining technologies for technogenic formations;
  • Scientific and technical development in mineral exploration and production;
  • Digitalization of public services in subsurface mining;
  • State support measures for mineral deposit prospecting and exploration as well as junior companies. Public/private partnership in subsurface mining;
  • New infrastructure project development;
  • Performance of engineering centers, cluster and polygons;
  • Geological personnel training and reeducation.